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Do you fancy exploring the hidden coves and labyrinthine streets of the Cornish Riviera with a small group of like-minded travellers? Imagine if you had the opportunity to chat with a local fisherman in yellow boots, on delivering their catch of the day to a local seafood restaurant, where you can sample the delicious produce that same day! Do you have the desire to delve deeper into the Cornish countryside, and avoid the crowds that frequent the tourist hotspots? Picture your day of discovery, taking in the dramatic and rugged scenery whilst learning about the local history and heritage of this glorious county.

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Experience Days in Cornwall

Cornwall has so much to offer, so you will never be short of something to do! We aim to combine some of the best experiences on offer. Pairing up beautiful locations for yoga mornings with afternoons discovering local vineyards and gardens, so you are sure to take away that real Kernow vibe.

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Included in All Our Experiences

Included lunches: Offering sumptuous local meals, made from the freshest Cornish produce.

Local Guides: Insightful and knowledgeable Cornwall Discovered representatives and guest speakers on all programmes.

Living the life of a local! Making sure that you take away a sense of the real Cornish way.

Transport: Private and comfortable transfers provided between each exciting stop! Unless of course we’re walking.

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Tours of Cornwall

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Responsible & Sustainable Travel

Travel with a conscience with Cornwall Discovered. All our tours are designed and delivered responsibly.

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