Responsible & Sustainable Travel


Responsible & Sustainable Travel in Cornwall


Use local business

Ensuring that we continuously add to the local economy, everything from our website design to the ‘on the ground’ operations, is done in a way that works with and for the local community by supporting Cornish companies.


No single use plastic

All of our programmes have a stringent no single use plastic policy. In addition to this, we opt to only work with suppliers who also have the same environmental values.


Minimize Carbon Footprint

If we can walk there, we will! It’s as simple as that!


Consider nature and the wildlife

With 12 separate areas within Cornwall recognised as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we regularly feature wildlife and nature workshops that create opportunities for education and awareness of the environment around us.


Feature local trust sites

We invite and welcome local organisations and trusts to come and talk with our guests at our workshops and during our experiences. We continually promote awareness and support for these, through our social media channels.


Support local beach cleaning

Taking care of our planet is high up on our priority list. Whether we, personally, attend a local beach clean or incorporate it into a day's experience for you to get stuck into, we aim to do our part whenever we can and spread awareness to you all.


Size matters

We make sure we always consider group size and carefully stagger larger groups so to not overwhelm any areas or places we visit with crowds and making sure we leave a positive social impact as we leave.


Promoting train travel

We want to encourage people to travel to Cornwall via train. This reduces the amount of vehicles that visit the county especially in the summer months. Our small roads were just not made to be overwhelmed!


Local guides and representatives

Using local guides, guest speakers and reps ensures that we are providing local employment for Cornish folk. Not only that, but it adds to the enrichment of your experience, knowing that you have all that knowledge at your disposal!


No hidden secrets policy

We don’t believe in keeping trade secrets, we continuously want to share our knowledge on sustainability and how to achieve it.


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